We provide US Business Concierge Service to Japanse Businesses who would like to expand their operations to US Market. Simply, we assist them acquire US Businesses and provide them with merger transition assistance.

Would you like an opportunity to market your businesses to the Japanese Market?

  • Free ad placement.*
    (1 page PDF)
  • Free video presentation placement with Japanse subtitles.*
    (Upto 1minute. We will translate your script, and place subtitles in Japanese.)
  • No co-broker deal!*
    (We are the buyer’s representative. No conflicts.)
  • Free Translation.*
    (only for the 1 page PDF and the 1 min video subtitles.)

*Note: We prefer listing businesses priced over $1.5million and having cash flow over $300,000. And, we would like brokers to list both 1minute video and 1 page PDF pitchbook on our Fee Ad pages.

See the Tutorial Video and Sample to see what you think.
Tutorial Video
Sample Video